Saturday, 31 January 2009


The younger generation of Malaysia these days, some at the tender ages of 7 and 8, have been exposed to violence - both domestic violence as well as violence in the outside world. A handful of children in Malaysia have been robbed of their innocence, being raped, some even murdered, by family members, the very people whom they trust the most. Hence, I wish for the innocence of children to be maintained...and not be taken advantage of


Nowadays, in a world where the wonders of technology takes over, it's hard to find situations where people consider just reading a book, or staying home with family, or having a simple game of Scrabble , or (in the picture) playing bottlecaps, fun. Fun has been re-defined to include all things technology - where people get caught up in a world where "if technology it's not included, it's no longer fun". Where have all those days gone? Those days of just sitting out in the porch, chit chatting with family members. Taking a walk with family members after dinner. They have all been replaced by the computer screens, the tv screens, the mobile phones etc. Hence, I wish to go back to the times when having fun was simple, and being/playing simple was fun

25 years old, investment banker, kuala lumpur

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  1. Very true that - i admit i struggle being able to cope without technology. Sometimes the best times are when things are kept simple