Monday, 30 March 2009

fornightly doodles: about the dream team...!


We are four Malaysians with different stories and reasons of what brought us to London. What we do share in common is that we all decided to turn up for a barbeque on a hot summers day in August 2008. We noticed that everytime a group of Malaysians would meet up, the conversation would invariably turn to Malaysia.

Complaining lah, missing lah, hoping lah

We had left Malaysia but somehow Malaysia never really left us.

We started meeting up to share what dreams we had for Malaysia and to see what we could do to be part of the solution. The Malaysian Dream website is one initiative that has come out of our group. The idea is for people to send in a picture that represents their dream for malaysia. I believe within all of us there is a hope for our country, a hope for good. Sometimes it comes out when we watch a moving Petronas ad, a flicker of hope that resonates with us. This 'Malaysia' can seem so distant at times. So why bother dreaming? Why don't we just except what we have?

We believe that a collection of dreams, each unique and individual, will inspire others to start dreaming for Malaysia again and that a generation that dreams for good will be one that goes on to build a great Malaysia.

Too help you get to know us better, we have asked all 4 members of our group 3 simple questions.


What is your strangest dream?
I dont remember my dreams in detail but my favourite sort of dream is falling backwards into an empty space. Yes, I have been told this is strange!

What is your dream for Malaysia?
My dream for malaysia is to be involved and to see a change in the work culture of Malaysia, firstly by changing the mindsets of employees towards their work and secondly working to change the work environment so it brings out the best in people

What do you miss most about Malaysia?
Hanging out with my friends. The moments I miss the most are when we would hang out at a padang near my house late into the night (the poor neighbours). We would lie back on the tables and look up at the stars and have the craziest and most open conversations.


What is your strangest dream?
That dogs were chasing me!

What is your dream for Malaysia?
That people in Malaysia would treat everyone fairly, when applying for university (there won't be a quota system), queing up in the hospital . That everyone would have a fair chance…..

What do you miss most about Malaysia?
Nasi lemak for breakfast that my mom has bought for me.


What is your strangest dream?
I once dreamt that I was working on my laptop and somehow in my dream I was conscious that it was only a dream but I couldn’t snap out of it or stop working. I remember being very annoyed with myself because I knew all my hardwork would go to waste because I couldn’t press save in a dream.

What is your dream for Malaysia?
My dream for Malaysia is for all Malaysians to believe in all things better and good. That we will not just accept injustice and anything substandard that we will be a nation of people who will always care and strive for all that is better fair and good.

What do you miss most about Malaysia?
The one thing that I miss most about Malaysia is my family, I miss the warmth, familiarity and unconditional love my family freely showers on me. I miss the moments we share as a family.


What is your strangest dream?
I can't remember my weirdest dream ... Which in iteself is quite weird

What is your dream for Malaysia?
My dream for malaysia is for malaysians to call themselves malaysiansand shout and proclaim and let the world know that yes We Are Malaysians.
We may not make the best cars or the best clothing but together as one we will get there.

My dream is for every malaysian to believe in their heart and say that'we are not chinese - malaysians, and we are not indian - malaysians andwe are not malay - malaysians - Gosh darnit hear us world WE AREMALAYSIANS!

That's my dream - for malaysians to be united and treated as malaysians.

What do you miss most about Malaysia?
I miss being able to get a hot meal almost anytime almost anywhere!

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  1. this is a positive and good website. i'm glad i stumbled across it and i will add it to my blog list. keep the dreams flowing and may your dreams come true :-)