Thursday, 5 March 2009


This was a scouting pioneering gadget that me and my friends built 4 years ago in school. I remember standing at the top with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

But more importantly, I remember standing way up there with a stronger sense of freedom and liberation.

This sense has further expanded ever since I went abroad, and I now understand the power of liberation and the effects it can have on a society and its country.

My dream is for Malaysia to consist of liberal thinking citizens, who truly embody Emily Dickinson's quote: "The brain is wider than the sky."


  1. you were seriously damn lucky that pile of sticks didnt fall and kill someone.

  2. It wasn't luck that prevented any sort of fall/disaster. It was the commitment and the professional attitude among them in ensuring the holes were dug deep enough and the lashings were secure fool.

  3. SMDU sekolah kami.

  4. woohoo!!
    go 73rd petaling! :)