Saturday, 31 January 2009


If I'm given a wish, that I must dedicate it to my country.....I'll wish for my country to have great leaders that'll lead the nation to wealth, socio-economy growth, and most importantly repair any racial gaps and improved the unity among races.

Because I remember, back in primary school, I learn and lived amongst Indians, Chinese, and Malays...there's ever a Kadazan kid in school. And we are friends...and I liked that. We never minded that I've yellow skin, that Mohd Arif and Nazreen has a soft brown skin while Yasothini and Surenan Raj are dark as ever...........I never felt that it matters. And that is where I learned the true meaning of the idea of one race ==> MALAYSIAN.

A typical thing that you'll see if you study in a public school. The above picture is taken from Exif's Photostream (Flickr)., 26, Adelaide

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