Sunday, 18 October 2009

Michelin stars for our Malaysian stars


my dream for Malaysia is for our local restaurants to one day earn the coveted Michelin Star.

i believe the cultural development of a local community is very much influenced by media and trends. i've recently become obsessed with cooking after becoming a fan of Masterchef in the UK. ever since then, it has been an exciting journey of practice practice practice and i have learnt plenty. i am likely to be one in thousands who have been inspired.

The UK has a total of 154 michelin stars, out of which one restaurant is owned by a Malaysian! Kai, Mayfair. This is believed to be the 1st ever for Malaysia :)

similarly, in Malaysia i think there is so much room for our communities to cultivate the same level of passion & excellence in everything we do. Let's encourage each other to dream good dreams and let our media & community plant these dreams of excellence in our young ones!

someone said recently - the way to save the world is to save the people. i cannot agree more. the way to save Malaysia, is to inspire the people.

if we all get excited to be the best in everything we do - i believe we will achieve alot more than the current focus on our differences, on politics and on everything else that hasn't worked in the country.

anyone here with similar dreams? afterall, good food is central to being Malaysian isn't it?

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