Wednesday, 4 February 2009


This place used to be a courtyard where I spent afternoon playing 'masak', 'hide-and-seek' with my neighbours or the place where we had ghost month praying event. A place that full of my childhood memories. As time passes, we moved to a better place, we visited this courtyard less and lesser, and now it became a 'small forest'.

The same happens after moving to London - hardly visit home, hardly following news back home, hardly get in touch with friends in Malaysia...
sooner or later, i can easily forget Malaysia - where i was born and grown.

Until you keep yourself with a dream for Malaysia, tie yourself with people sharing similar dreams for Malaysia - Wherever you are, Wherever you go - We are Malaysian.


A shot on a world map, seeing how small malaysia is. Yet there'll be one day everyone could just point out Malaysia because the nations had done something 'Fantastic', FAB, Memorable, Rich, Cool, Fair, Harmony..... that the world could really have 'MALAYSIA' in their mind just as how they could point out the State from the world map and say 'that's the place where Obama lives, Bill Clinton embarass himself, where MIT is, where New York is.....

I believe the day will come... share you dream, MALAYSIAN!

Malaysian, 25 years old, London

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  1. There's something wrong with this map, Middle East should be in the same color as Asia, since Middle East is not a continent; and North and Central America should be in the same color as South America, since they are in the same continent.